Stranger Things

I finished my degree in 1997 and lost touch with the friends I made during my time at college not long after. This didn't happen all at once, but I am not good at keeping in touch and nostalgia does little for me, so I do just let things drift when it comes to friendships sometimes. However, the reunion does appear to be happening all at once.

When FriendsReunited (or Friends Untied as we call it here) doubled their subscription charge I flat out refused to pay, even though one of my 'university' friends was on there and I did want to contact her. I suppose with the popularity of the other big networking sites FriendsReunited saw sense and went free, so I was finally able to send a message. That was over a month ago.

Four days ago she replied and by strange quirk of fate #1 we are both doing the same job in different schools - something neither of us ever imagined ourselves doing in all the time we were studying together. We're busy catching up and arranging to meet in the summer.

As for quirk of fate #2: a student who is also a fellow musician and I, cutting a long, winding tale to the chase, discovered today that his aunty was another of the group of five of us who wasted far too much time and money in the college cafe all those years ago. I've spent an hour or so on the phone getting the latest on her life and achievements.

Googling another friend from the group I found that her unusual name makes it easy to find her. On top of this (quirk of fate #3) her occupation means she also has a contact phone number.

That's only one more to go and we're on for a full reunion in a few weeks' time. I've suggested we go to the one and only pub that any of us were ever thrown out of. Just for old times sake. After all these curious happenings it has to mean that the landlord will recognise us and kick us out again.

Funny how thing go sometimes.


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