In The Stars Part I Video Trailer!

As a prelude to the launch of In The Stars in 2014, I've made a video trailer for In The Stars Part I, which incorporates some quotations from the book - tricky to choose without spoilers whilst also trying to be intriguing.

Music is "Stars Might Shine" by Albin Loán, a Swedish singer songwriter who lives in Sydney, Australia, which is apt, as one of the series' characters is Swedish and this is of relevance to the In The Stars storyline.

Zodiac illustrations have been adapted from those created by the wonderful Emma Pickering for the sections of the book(s).

In the Stars follows 'The Circle' through a year of their life, and the timeline is separated by the zodiac, with an ongoing theme that questions the notions of religion, fate, horoscopes, clairvoyance and science, as well as some references to Shakespeare, who oft pondered these matters. I'm a sceptic and a social scientist, but I have endeavoured to provide a balanced story, for as much as I believe writers need to exercise some social responsibility, it should not get in the way of entertainment.

Anyway, enough rambling from me! Here's the video trailer:


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