Leaving Flowers by Debbie McGowan and Raine O'Tierney #MM Romance

Leaving Flowers by Debbie McGowan and Raine O'Tierney

Creative synergy, bursting with colour.

That's how it's been since January, when Raine O'Tierney and I started collaborating - a bit like the lilies currently blooming in glorious shades of magenta and peach across my kitchen table, and if you've ever watched lilies bloom you'll know what I mean.

We sowed the creative seed and took turns to tend to our tiny sapling, watching in awe as it grew faster than we'd imagined, becoming more and more beautiful. With every day that passed, the colours shone with greater vibrance, the stems entwined more intricately, and suddenly the story blossomed right before our eyes.

Soon, good people! Soon we will introduce you to the two fine young men whose fate lay in our hands. We hope you'll love them as much as we do.

Shy and awkward since childhood, Aidan Degas is now a man lost. His twin - Aidan's other half, Nadia - died tragically young, leaving him with nothing to get him through his days but his job at the prestigious Grand Heights Luxury Apartments and the flowers he lays upon her grave. When Aidan is assaulted on the job by a tenant, it's the graveyard he turns to for strength and solace.

Patrick loves being assistant groundskeeper at the sprawling cemetery where he tends graves and offers a bit of comfort to mourners. When he sees a sad young man lingering over an old grave, his curiosity is strangely piqued for reasons he doesn't understand. He's never done this - struck up a friendship with a mourner. But soon that friendship blossoms into a romance.

It's not going to be easy for the pair. Aidan is so damaged, like petals crushed in an angry fist, and even with Patrick's warm heart and Irish charm, it might not be enough to bring him back from the edge.

You can read Raine's Cover Reveal post here:


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