We are all works in progress

Blood, sweat and tears really don't matter
Just the things that you do in this garden.

(Levellers - 'This Garden')

I was thinking.

I like to do that occasionally, but I rarely give myself the time. I take my Kindle to the loo with me, I proofread in bed, I listen to music while I drive. The rest of the time I'm working, sleeping, or I am in the company of others (I'm working really hard on that last one).

Today, I took a few minutes to think and reflect, which is not the same as wallowing. I'm quite adept at living in the moment, but sometimes being mindful is about engaging with thoughts. Indeed, creative thinking requires it.

Prompted by a reader's question, my thoughts zoned in on a story I have partly written, which I shouldn't really think about until I've finished what I'm writing now. I did come up with a few ideas, which I safely stowed for later reference, and then I came here to write this post (another thing I'm working hard to do more of).

And I thought...

I'll write a blog post about my current works in progress.

Yet on the way here, I was waylaid by a rather more poetic / philosophical stance: that we are all works in progress.

That's all, really. I'm not going to spell it out, because it's...something to think about!

* * * * *

But now you're here, I'll tell you about my current works in progress, too! :)

I've just finished Chain of Secrets, which is included in the Love Unlocked Anthology (Beaten Track, Feb 14, 2016). I'm in the process of editing the other stories now - it's a great anthology of just seven wonderful stories - still 150k words in total! I'll say more about the anthology another time.

Chain of Secrets is the story of Josh and George's friendship  - a gentle and quirky journey from childhood best friends to...well, that would be telling.

For readers of the Hiding Behind The Couch series, this story will spoil a good few events through from season one to season three, so you should read up to that point first. For everyone else, this is a stand-alone story and requires no prior or post reading of the series.

I'm also working on Reunions (Hiding Behind The Couch Season Seven), which is themed around reunions, unsurprisingly. High school reunions, reconnecting with old friends...it's all in there. Hopefully. I'm only a little way into writing.

Raine and I have also been discussion our next collaborative story... More on this another time, because we're both fairly up to our eyes in other writing adventures! You can find our published stories to date here: Seeds of Tyrone series on Beaten Track.

Lastly, I want to say a huge thank you to the readers who have contacted me recently, asking about future stories featuring characters from Hiding Behind The Couch / Checking Him Out. Yes, there will be a book about Jesse and Leigh, and yes, there will be a book about Gray and Will. I'm not sure exactly when, but they will happen.

Thanks for reading! :)

Deb x


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