Visiting the Viaduct of Love - an interactive map

The Viaduct of Love...
...and other places to visit in the world of Hiding Behind The Couch

Back in 2007, when I first started writing Hiding Behind The Couch, I made some decisions:

1. Not to base the characters on people I knew.
2. Tell the story that needed to be told without forcing the narrative.

These two goals continue to guide the storytelling in the series, but there is a real-world inspiration for where the stories happen. I grew up (and still live) in the North-West of England, and it's a beautiful place. I won't bother describing it here - I do it often enough in my books (also, see below), because those places the characters take you to are 'kind of' real locations.

In Chain of Secrets (Love Unlocked anthology - Feb 14th, 2016), Josh and George often treat you to a cycling trip along the canal - that's the Leeds to Liverpool Canal.

Top Locks - the junction of Leeds to Liverpool Canal and Rufford Branch
Creative Commons -

As for the Viaduct of Love? Well it's as modern and concretous (yes, I made up that word) as Josh and George say it is. And yes, I have snogged under that viaduct, no, it was not romantic (C.R., if you're wondering, Mumsy ;) ).

Maybe Josh and George had better luck - you can find out in Chain of Secrets!

So, without further ado, I'd like to share with you some of the real-world locations that I like to think of as the places where our reality converges with the reality of The Circle.

You can access the map using this link:

Or (hopefully) the map in the iframe below works - click the little square frame top-right to go full-screen. :) 


Chain of Secrets
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Thanks for reading,
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