For The Love Of A Good Book?

If I had just one wish
That wish would ever have to be
To break free of these shackles
Locked by no-one else but me

Through words etched without paper
That time let slip away
For the soliloquy to be mine
I'd wish for every day

High seas seek a wreckage
White lines of vengeful tide
The deep blue penetrates and still
Dilutes nothing inside

Long sought dreams I'd memorise
Even with the chance I’d step aside
Still haunted by the phantoms and their sighs
No ship heard when I cried

To be cast to the open sea
Is all that I have craved
Or settle to this cell of mine
For either way I'm saved

Forget-me-nots still glisten
In every morning due
I wish for nothing yet for all
Though all is nothing true


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