In The Stars...most definitely!

I've spent sixteen hours typesetting the paperback and formatting the ebook for In The Stars Part II today.

Am I inefficient?
Or perhaps it's down to the 210k, 572 page, fifty-five chapter leviathan I spawned... (yes, you read that correctly)

Better still (or worse yet), this is only the second half of the story of In The Stars, which spans a year in the life of The Circle - the nine characters around which the Hiding Behind The Couch series revolves.

The full story consists of the 105 chapters below - around 1,150 pages and something like 384,000 words.

Which is, of course, why I'm releasing it not only in two volumes, but also as twelve separate episodes.

Each episode is released in the month in which the related zodiac sign falls, so the first six episodes are already available (at time of writing). It doesn't have much else to do with astrology, to be honest, although the themes of religious beliefs, science, fate and fortune are key.

I'll explain more about the story in another post. Review copies available, author is happy to be interviewed, but after she's had some sleep!

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Episode 1: Capricorn
1.    MARIGOLD Friday 6th January
2.    HAIR Friday 13th January
3.    EXTERMINATION Saturday 14th January
4.    SWEET LITTLE LIES Monday 16th January
5.    U-TURN Thursday 19th January
6.    HANKERING Thursday 19th January
7.    ROBERTA Thursday 19th–Friday 20th January
8.    KID GLOVES Friday 20th January

Episode 2: Aquarius
9.    CORRESPONDENCE Saturday 21st–Sunday 22nd January
10.    ROOMS WITHOUT VIEWS Monday 23rd January
11.    RELEASE Tuesday 24th January
12.    STRANGERS Thursday 26th January
13.    BINGO Saturday 4th February
14.    BIRTH PLAN Thursday 9th February
15.    BLOODY VALENTINE’S Tuesday 14th February
16.    THE GODFATHER Tuesday 14th February
17.    WHEN HARRY LEFT SALLY-ANNE Thursday 16th February

Episode 3: Pisces
18.    WHODUNNIT PART ONE Monday 20th February
19.    MILK BAR Monday 27th February
20.    REDEMPTION Wednesday 1st March
21.    CLAIR VOYANT Saturday 4th March
22.    THE KISS Wednesday 8th March
23.    THE CHECK Thursday 9th March
24.    CLAIRVOYANT  Wednesday 15th March
25.    DEMONS Friday 17th–Tuesday 21st March

Episode 4: Aries
26.    DEAR FRIENDS Friday 24th March
27.    SHADOWS Saturday 25th March
28.    MILK BAR REVISITED Monday 27th March
29.    DOG PEOPLE Saturday 1st April
30.    BF—FE? Sunday 2nd April
31.    THE CHRISTENING Sunday 9th April
32.    HOMECOMING Monday 10th April
33.    BLACK HOLE SON Saturday 15th April
34.    LOVE HEARTS Wednesday 19th April

Episode 5: Taurus
35.    THIS LAST NIGHT Sunday 23rd–Monday 24th April
36.    MAKING PLANS  Monday 24th April
37.    JEFFRIES AND ASSOCIATES Thursday 27th April
38.    THE BEST MAN Monday 1st May
39.    BREAKSTUFF Wednesday 3rd May
40.    FIXING A HOLE Thursday 4th–Sunday 7th May
41.    MADNESS Monday 8th–Saturday 13th May
42.    ACHIEVEMENT, UNLOCKED Tuesday 16th May

Episode 6: Gemini
43.    ROTATION Wednesday 24th–Sunday 28th May
44.    TWO MINDS Monday 29th May
45.    FLAT Tuesday 30th May
46.    TWO HEARTS Thursday 1st June
47.    PERFECT MATCH Friday 2nd June
48.    AS ONE Monday 5th June
49.    IF Monday 19th June
50.    WHEN Monday 19th June

[BREAKING WAVES - a short story interlude]


Episode 7: Cancer
51.    ONE FOR MY BABY Saturday 24th June
52.    24 HOURS EARLIER: LOW TIDE Friday 23rd June
53.    24 HOURS EARLIER: HIGH TIDE Friday 23rd June
54.    WIPEOUT Saturday 24th June
55.    BREAKTHROUGH Saturday 24th June
56.    THEN Early July, 32 Years Ago
57.    NOW Sunday 2nd–Monday 3rd July
58.    THE FULL MONTY Tuesday 4th July
59.    MORE THAN WORDS Friday 7th July
60.    BEHIND BLUE EYES Wednesday 12th July
61.    DEAD FUNNY Thursday 20th July

Episode 8: Leo
62.    THE LEGEND OF SHABINA Saturday 29th July
63.    HAZE Thursday 3rd August
64.    ONE Sunday 6th August
65.    SOMEONE ELSE’S ARMS Monday 7th August
66.    SHORT CIRCUIT Thursday 10th August
67.    STARLIGHT Thursday 17th August
68.    MISTAKES LIKE THESE Sunday 20th August
69.    MILK, GENES AND KIDNEY BEANS Monday 21st August

Episode 9: Virgo
70.    CRYING IN THE RAIN Wednesday 23rd August
71.    LABOUR OF LOVE Thursday 24th August
72.    POISON Wednesday 30th August
73.    LIPS OF AN ANGEL Wednesday 6th September
74.    TIPPING THE SCALES Saturday 16th September
75.    CROSSROADS Friday 22th September
76.    THE LONGEST TIME Saturday 23rd September
77.    FULL CIRCLE Saturday 23rd–Sunday 24th September

Episode 10: Libra
78.    MORNING SUN Sunday 24th September
79.    SAVIES Monday 25th September
80.    GOODS AND SHACKLES Wednesday 27th September
81.    LEAF FROM A TREE Monday 2nd October
82.    PLAYGROUND IN MY MIND Monday 9th October
83.    FIRE, WATER, BURN Monday 16th–Thursday 19th October
84.    IN THE SHADOWS Friday 20th October
85.    SHORT BACK AND SIDES Monday 23rd October

Episode 11: Scorpio
86.    PAINT, BALLS, WARFARE Tuesday 24th October
87.    THERAPY Monday 23rd–Thursday 26th October
88.    WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Monday 30th October
89.    HURLYBURLY Tuesday 31st October
90.    SLEEPLESS AND UNSETTLED Wednesday 1st November
91.    NOT THIS TIME Thursday 2nd November
92.    DOGGED DETERMINATION Saturday 4th November
93.    THE J WORD Tuesday 7th November
94.    DOT Wednesday 8th November
95.    HARD ON THE KNEES Thursday 9th November
96.    TO DOT Monday 13th November
97.    BIG ENOUGH Saturday 18th November

Episode 12: Sagittarius
98.    THE Y FILES Thursday 23rd–Friday 24th November
99.    LUMINOSITY Monday 27th–Wednesday 29th November
100.    HIGH AND LOW Friday 1st–Tuesday 5th December
101.    GUMSHOON Wednesday 6th December
102.    IN I SVARTA HÅLET Wednesday 6th December
103.    SQUARED Wednesday 6th December
104.    WHODUNNIT PART TWO Monday 11th December
105.    EVENT HORIZON Thursday 21st December

In case you missed them up there...

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Thanks for reading. :)

Deb x


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