Christmas Craic and Mistletoe! A festive surprise...

It's a terrible state of affairs that it's taken me TWO DAYS to post about the newest story co-authored by the wonderful award-winning Raine O'Tierney and little ole me. The reason? It's inexplicable, unfathomable and my own bloody fault. I decided we should put out this story on Christmas Day, and near-killed the pair of us doing it.

So, two days of collapsy-coma-sleep and the mother of all headaches later, here I am, telling you about our latest story.

It's a Christmas story (really, Deb? Yeah) and it's part of our amazing Seeds of Tyrone series. And yes, I do get to call it amazing, because...did I mention award-winning authors? Also, if we don't like our own stories, there's no hope for anyone else liking them. The best bit of collaboration is that we get to read and write at the same time, so my praise, really, isn't arrogance. It's praise for my co-author.

Do you like Two-for-Ones?
Because that's what you get with Christmas Craic and Mistletoe. Our fine on-the-cover likenesses are of Michael and Harrison. Readers of the first two books in the series (Leaving Flowers, and Where the Grass is Greener) will have met these marvellous fellows before. Harrison is the twin brother of Jill, who was Aidan's line manager at The Grand Heights. By the end of Leaving Flowers, Jill's relationship status means she's essentially family. Michael first appears in Where the Grass is Greener, working alongside Seamus on the cabbage-picking job.

In Where the Grass is Greener Harrison and Michael become friends. Good friends, but...well that would be far too easy, wouldn't it? And predictable. Which Raine and I are most definitely not, hence your fantastic festive two-for-one, and it's only $2.99! How good is that? I should also point out that because this was a rush job, we'll be revisiting it after Christmas is done and dusted, so the paperback will be a while coming, and we also recommend you buy the ebook now - because we want you to read it, we think you'll enjoy it, and it will be $3.99 by next Christmas. So many good reasons! Links are handily included below the blurb.

The Blurb:
Two couples, two unique stories of love at Christmastime...

Harrison and Paulo were once passionate lovers - until tragedy tore them apart. When the men miss an opportunity to reconnect at a Christmas party, Paulo is prepared to move heaven and earth to see Harrison again.

Michael's coming out didn't go down well in his conservative hometown of Omagh, and the bullies are out to get him. But he has a guardian angel on his side - his unrequited long-term crush, Tom.

Will the magic of Christmas in Ireland be enough to see these two couples through?

This book features characters from the Seeds of Tyrone series, but can be read and enjoyed independently.

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by Debbie McGowan and Raine O'Tierney

Published: 25th December, 2015 (Beaten Track)
Length: 115k (406 pages) approx. 



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