What are you doing New Year's Eve?

It's New Year's Eve, so it is!

Not my favourite time of year, I must admit. I don't make resolutions, and I have a psychological aversion to fireworks and 'Auld Lang Syne'. But never mind all that.

On Christmas Day, Raine O'Tierney and I released a Christmas story - Christmas Craic and Mistletoe - which is, in fact, two Christmas stories rolled into one. The second story - Tom and Michael - has a rather lovely chapter entitled 'What are you doing...'

The inspiration for that chapter (aside from the characters themselves, of course) was the song 'What are you doing New Year's Eve', as recorded by Harry Connick Jr.

So I thought I'd post a little teaser from the chapter, along with a link to the song, to help get you in a smoooth romantic mood!

Whatever you're doing this New Year's Eve, have a good one! :)

Deb x

 * * * * *

Excerpt from Christmas Craic and Mistletoe - 'What are you doing...'

Tom rubbed his eyes, as if it would wipe his mind of all the things he wanted but could not have. It was late, and he was tired, but if this day had at least given Michael pause for thought, it was worth it.

The door from the pub creaked open, but Tom didn't bother checking to see who it was. He already knew.

"Are you all right, Tom?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just needed to gather my thoughts." He let his hands drop to his sides and blinked to clear the blur. "So...I was wondering, Michael. What are you doing New Year's Eve?"

"Um, nothing much. I'll probably go to Marie's. I don't know. How about you?"

"Same, but...would you like to come back here?"

Michael spent a moment thinking it through, and then smiled and nodded. "Yeah. I'd really like that. We need to get tickets now, though. I'll go and do that, shall I?"

"Aye, if that's OK with you?"

"God, yes! This place is great!"

Michael fairly bounced back inside, and Tom's thoughts immediately drifted. It was terrible conspiring like this. Of course he wanted to spend New Year's Eve with Michael - this and every one for ever after - but it was also a backup plan, in the event that he failed to persuade him tonight.

It seemed no time at all had passed before Michael announced his return with, "Got them."


"Should be a good night."


"The music's pretty good tonight. It'll be amazing on New Year's."

"Amazing..." Tom laughed. "And I bet there's loads of talent."

"Like live bands?"

"Good-looking fellas."

"Oh! I suppose. But..." Michael was frowning again. He combed through his curls with his fingers, pulling his hair back from his face. "We are coming together, aren't we?"

"Yeah, we are, Mike." How to put it? "Listen, this whole thing of me suggesting we move to Belfast? I'm not assuming anything. You're going to be spoilt for choice, so you are."

"Lads, you mean?"

"Well, yeah."

"Why would they be interested in me?"

"Why wouldn't they? You're handsome, kind, fun to be with..."

"Go on with ye!" Michael laughed, embarrassed.

"It's all true."

  * * * * *

Christmas Craic and Mistletoe
(Seeds of Tyrone #3)

 Published: 25th December, 2015
Length: 115k (406 pages) approx.

Two couples, two unique stories of love at Christmastime...

Harrison and Paulo were once passionate lovers - until tragedy tore them apart. When the men miss an opportunity to reconnect at a Christmas party, Paulo is prepared to move heaven and earth to see Harrison again.

Michael's coming out didn't go down well in his conservative hometown of Omagh, and the bullies are out to get him. But he has a guardian angel on his side - his unrequited long-term crush, Tom.

Will the magic of Christmas in Ireland be enough to see these two couples through?

This book features characters from the Seeds of Tyrone series, but can be read and enjoyed independently.

Purchase Links:
Beaten Track | Smashwords | All Romance eBooks
Amazon UK [Kindle Edition] | Amazon.com [Kindle Edition]


  1. I freaking love that chapter! And just as a disclaimer I did not actually write that chapter. That is all the amazingly lovely Debbie McG!

    1. Thank you, Ms. O'Tierney. Joint effort thru n thru, though - motivating, inspiring, writing, reading - tis all the same! :)


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