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WIPpet numbers for 9th August, 2017:

9 sentences
from Tabula Rasa

WIPpet Context:
Another snippet from Tabula Rasa (Gray Fisher #2).

This novel follows on from The WAG and The Scoundrel, featuring two former undercover police officers, Gray Fisher and Rob Simpson-Stone. Their investigations relate to white-collar crimes (fraud, embezzlement, etc.), and there are also romantic relationship story arcs (however, not between Gray—who is gay, and Rob—who is straight).

This snippet follows on from directly the previous snippets—Rob has left the police and is on his way to his leaving do. The ‘them’ in the first line is Rob and Jock (see previous snippets).

* * * * *
Given the way things were between them, there had to be an ulterior motive for the call—or else someone else would’ve made it—and Rob’s curiosity was threatening to get the better of him. For the time being, he put it out of mind and focused on his riding.

Even though it was well past rush hour, the roads were chaos, and he was beginning to regret not getting the train, but the bike would stop people buying him drinks all night. He needed a clear head; he was off up north first thing. He hadn’t been home since Christmas, and in the three months that had elapsed, he’d become both an uncle again and a great uncle—never mind that he’d had no idea his brother was seeing someone, nor that his youngest niece was pregnant.

Traffic was backed up from the junction, and Rob probably could’ve got past it, but instead, he settled behind a bus and let his mind drift again. With the prospect of a couple of weeks of proper holiday, he was well up for some quality family time and bit of R and R before he set the wheels in motion for his new venture. Of course, there was no guarantee it would take off, or, if it did, how long it would take to get fully established, and he was prepared for the possibility of failure. So long as it was moving in the right direction, he’d stick with it, but he had a back-up plan: as soon as he got back from his mum’s, he was going to sign on with an agency as a security officer.
* * * * *
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  1. Well, hello there, Rob. :) :) :)

    Ahem. Sorry, got distracted.

    Sounds like a lot going on with his family. I have no idea really where the story is headed, but should I assume that whatever is going on here is, at some point, going to coincide with what's going on for Gray?

  2. Seems like there is a lot on Rob's mind. Wondering what the future will hold - whether he will really be a security officer or if something else comes up for him?
    I am also curious about Gray. I don't think we have read about him yet!


  3. A lot going on here, with what looks might be a bit of foreshadowing too. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Intrigued to see where this leads.


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