#WIPpet Wednesday - Tabula Rasa (Exit Achieved) #amwriting #lgbtqia

WIPpet numbers for 2nd August, 2017:

2 x 8 x 17 = 272 words
from Tabula Rasa

WIPpet Context:
Another snippet from Tabula Rasa (Gray Fisher #2).

This novel follows on from The WAG and The Scoundrel, featuring two former undercover police officers, Gray Fisher and Rob Simpson-Stone. Their investigations relate to white-collar crimes (fraud, embezzlement, etc.), and there are also romantic relationship story arcs (however, not between Gray—who is gay, and Rob—who is straight).

This snippet follows on from directly the previous snippets—the first line is Jock’s, who’s called Rob as he’s about to head out for the evening.

* * * * *
“Bollocks. My timing’s good as ever, eh?”

“Why? What’s up?”

“There’s a few of us getting together this evening for a pint and catch-up.”

“Crap. If there was a way I could get out of it…” There wasn’t, or Rob would’ve been there like a shot. He hadn’t wanted a leaving do to start with, but would anyone listen? “How long are you gonna be out, d’you reckon?”

“Not sure. Depends on who’s got wives and kiddies to get home to.”

“Right.” Presumably, Jock had left his down in Brighton for the weekend.

“We’re meeting at Euston. Are you anywhere nearby?”

“Yeah, at the Quarterhouse. Five minutes away.”

“How about this, then? I’ll text—let you know where we end up. If you make it, all well and good. If not, I’ll call back tomorrow and we can sort something else.”

“Perfect,” Rob said. “Have a good one.”

“You, too, mate. Bye.” Jock ended the call.

Rob saved the number and put his phone back in his pocket, this time making it out of the door and onto his bike, but his thoughts were still on the conversation as he rode into the city. He hadn’t heard from any of his old army mates in over three years, because he’d been off the grid, and even before that, when they did meet up, it was with some reluctance that they invited Jock. He was one sadistic bastard and a racist to boot, but they’d had to work together, so they’d got on with it, although Jock’s attitude was one of the reasons Rob had come out of the army when he did.
* * * * *
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  1. I don't think I'd be wanting to spend much time with Jock, either. Sounds like such a *delightful* fellow. Great snippet.

    1. Thanks, Fallon. I'm still trying to figure out if he's redeemable. I doubt it.

  2. I like Jock a lot less now. Yeah, I'd be avoiding him too, I think.

    1. I did think that last week (or the week before, in fact...I am so far behind).

  3. The people we are sometimes forced to play nice with... ugh. Nice WIPpet.

    1. Yep. I know a few like that. :/ Thanks. :)

  4. Hm, it's interesting to learn more about Jock. I'm curious about their relationship and what had driven Rob out of the army.


    1. Me too, LOL. I've not made much more progress with this, although I've got an inkling.

  5. I think I'd just say, "No thanks" if Jock was involved. Wonder what Rob will do.


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