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It’s been a funny old week so far. I have so much uni work to do, and I’m…not doing any of it. But I now have four stories on the go, including this one, which I haven’t written any more of since this time last week. :/ It’ll come to me, I’m sure.

On the plus side, I’ve done quite a bit of work on Tabula Rasa, which is currently 78k, but it wasn’t quite going where I hoped. I think I’ve pulled it back on track. I also ‘accidentally’ made a start on the story after Goth of Christmas Past, all because of a comment about ‘mansplaining’.  Lastly (but not leastly), I’ve written the first few pages of a story for an anthology call, although whether I can write to the remit is another matter, as I’m not good at shorties (as in, I can’t keep to the word limit). I’m giving it my best shot, though—I’ve been mulling the idea for quite some time! That story is tentatively titled Oh No She Didn’t!

So, on to the WIPpet…

Brief story info:
No Filter is a crossover novella of the Hiding Behind The Couch and Checking Him Out series(es), featuring Libby (and others) from HBTC, and Matty (and others) from CHO.

This week’s snippet comes a few paragraphs after last week’s, where Noah had finished proofreading Matty’s email to Libby (whom they met in Hiding Out).

WIPpet maths for 14th March:
14 paragraphs. Simples. :)

And the WIPpet Snippet:
“What if Libby gets the email and feels like she’s got to meet up? I don’t want that. I don’t want her to agree because she thinks she has to.”

“She won’t be like that,” Noah said certainly.

“You don’t know.”

“All right, put it this way. I mixed her up with Lauren because they’re kind of similar. What would Lauren do in this situation?”

“She’d delete the message. No, wait…she’d leave it in her inbox. Seriously, Noo, you’d have to see it. There is so much email in there, it’s unbelievable. No wonder she could never find the stuff on assignments. I even offered to set up folders for her, same as I’ve got. She got the right hump.” Matty smiled at the mental image of Lauren turning the screen away from him like she’d always done because he was ‘sticking his nose in where it wasn’t wanted’ again. He was going to miss that now they weren’t studying together. He was going to miss her. Apart from her tantrums. He wouldn’t miss those.

A light thud of something landing in the bin across the room brought him out of his thoughts, and the smell of orange drifted into his nostrils. Noah was making good headway with his fruity feast. “I need chocolate. Go buy me some? Please?”

Noah sighed but was already on his way to the door. “What sort?”

“Any—oh! What was your point about Libby and Lauren?”

“I reckon Libby will be really happy to hear from you.”

“And if she’s not?”

“Matty…just send it already.”


“No choccy…”

Matty scrabbled to unlock his phone screen and clicked send before he could change his mind. “There!” He grinned victoriously. “Mars bar, please. Make it a big one.”

* * * * *

What is WIPpet Wednesday?
WIPpet Wednesday is a blog hop where authors share from their current works in progress - expertly organised/hosted by Emily Wrayburn - and the excerpt has to relate to the date in some way. For links to other fabulous authors' WIPpets, visit: http://www.inlinkz.com/wpview.php?id=355404

Thanks for reading
Deb x


  1. Hahaha! This is funny and cute. And a little mean of Noah to withhold chocolate, LOL.

    "Mansplaining"? Do I even want to know? :O Though if it results in a new story, I'll take it. :)

    1. LOL. Very mean, but it did the trick. :)

  2. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Holding chocolate hostage? Not nice. But sometimes I need that kick in the pants to just send it already too.


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