To all the books I wrote this year... (2018 roundup)

In 2018, I wrote 214,592 words. :)

That's not a bad total word count for the year, but it's my lowest since 2012, and the six years since are in almost perfect negative correlation with the output of Beaten Track Publishing. That's an achievement, of course. I love my job. However, with that realisation comes the closest I'm getting to a New Year's resolution: in 2019, I'll spend less time on publishing and more on writing.

That brings my writing career total to 3,214,424 words (!), consisting of:

  • 25 novels
  • 12 novellas
  • 12 short stories
  • several works in progress

In case you missed any…with links…

Deb's books published in 2018


Edited to add: my favourites to write were The Great Village Bun Fight because it was so much fun to write a bit of nonsense humour (even though I didn't manage to ditch the politics entirely) and The Advent of Reason because it's the first time in three years or more where the story just flowed. I had a lot of fun writing that too!

Box Sets (Kindle/Kindle Unlimited):


If you read my stories...thank you very much. You are lovely.
If you don't...well, you're probably lovely too. ;)

To 2019! Onwards...
Deb x


  1. That is a LOT of words! I know what you mean...I spent more on my non-writing jobs than on writing this past year, and it definitely shows. Publishing, and all the stuff that goes with it, is a tough job. (Funnily enough, I actually want to spend *more* time on my non-writing job--it's the first one I've ever had that felt fun and different every day.)

    Probably goes without saying, but I appreciate you too, and all your words. :)

    1. Aww, thank you. :)

      See, this is the trouble I have carving out writing time - I enjoy publishing too much! (Most of the time - it has its less fun moments.)


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