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Three blog posts in one day…

There is a method to my seemingly sudden enthusiasm for posting, and it’s a one-off.

Along with starting and never finishing stories, over the past few years I’ve been trying to come up with a streamlined, stripped-down layout for my website, the former incarnations of which had lots of pages and lots of content, but mostly it was duplicating what was available elsewhere.

For instance, I had a page for the Hiding Behind The Couch series, but I also have, so that was pointless. All my books are listed – along with blurbs and purchase links – on Beaten Track, and then there are the pages and posts on this blog, and I thought…

Work smarter, Deb.

Which is why I’m posting about my forever-ongoing works in progress today. Twice.

I mean, I have published other stuff in the time that Scene But Not Herd and Alumni – Reverberations have been gathering virtual dust.

See? Not as bad a writing drought as I thought! And I have a lot of titles out there (Meredith’s Dagger was my 50th book, published on my 50th birthday), which is why I wanted a website that was a starting point – a pin in a map – from which all things Deb online could be found.

Simple, uncluttered, easy to maintain.

Unlike this blog post, so I’ll cut to the chase:

You can see my new website at


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