Work in Progress: Scene But Not Herd

Scene But Not Herd
 is book 2 of Front of House, a Hiding Behind The Couch The Next Generation if you will.

Scene But Not Herd follows on from Goth of Christmas Past (Front of House #1).

Draft blurb for Scene But Not Herd:

Amy is so done with people trying to organise her life. By people, she means her bossy older sister Fi, who insists she’s protecting Amy’s proprietary rights to her software, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

Meanwhile, Hadyn’s fallen into a black hole. Literally. Managing the studio is taking up all of his time, his hopes for pursuing a relationship with Amy are teetering on the event horizon, and his new songs suck.

Krissi and Jay’s prodigies aren’t the only ones who are fed up. Krissi’s ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ is driving her nuts, Jay’s stagnating behind a desk, and virtual ice cream and swings just doesn’t cut it.

Then there’s the not-small matter of what do about Stu…


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