#WIPpet Wednesday - The Making Of Us (Wiggling Toes) #amwriting

WIPpet numbers for the Ides of March!
15 (for the day) paragraphs from The Making Of Us (Checking Him Out Book Four)

WIPpet Context:
Another snippet from The Making Of Us. You can read the others here.

The Making Of Us is the fourth book in the Checking Him Out series, but it’s a stand-alone story about friendship, love and romance—LGBTQIA, with the emphasis on the B, Q and I.

The main characters are Jesse and Leigh, who first appeared in Taking Him On (Book Two), which is Noah and Matty’s story.

The Making Of Us is first-person, told from Jesse’s perspective.

In this snippet, Jesse is sitting in Noah’s backyard, and Leigh has gone inside to get drinks.

* * * * *
I’d never noticed Leigh singing before. I wasn’t musical myself, but I could tell if someone was singing in tune. Leigh’s voice was incredible. In tune, yes, but there was something more, like they were channelling the oppressive warmth of the evening and transforming it into this husky, rich melody. It was so beautiful, I didn’t realise I’d stopped breathing until Leigh was standing next to me, holding out a can of Coke.

“You all right, Jesse?”

“Um, yeah.” I nodded vigorously enough to rattle my brain, if that were possible. “What was that song?”

“Song? Oh! It’s called ‘All the same to me’. I’ve been listening to it all day, and it’s stuck in my head. D’you like it?”

“Yeah, I really do. You have a really good voice.” Really, really… Urgh. Come on, Jess, get it together.

“Thanks. My friend wrote it.”


“Yeah. I think you’d like her other stuff.” Seeing as I still hadn’t taken my drink, Leigh put both cans down and hopped up onto the table, sitting with legs crossed, the toes of one socked foot wiggling mere inches from my hand. The motion was hypnotising.

You know what I would’ve loved? For us to have been at that point where I’d just reach over and massage Leigh’s foot while they talked. Which would mean first asking Leigh out on a date, and Leigh accepting. Then we’d have to establish some kind of relationship. How long would it take before we were comfortable enough with each other—

“Those boots gave me blisters,” Leigh said.

“Did they?” I was pretty sure they’d said something else before that, but wiggling toes, daydreams—I was starting to understand how Noah almost failed first year. This was crazy.

I got the feeling Leigh was aware of my sporadic loss of concentration, but they continued anyway. “They’ll be fine once I’ve worn them a few times. Same with my last pair. So you’re not interested, then?”


“I mean, it’s OK. I’m going anyway. I guess I could ask Matty.”

Right, so this was the bit I missed.
* * * * *
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  1. Ha! I'm right there with Jesse. Leigh seems like they'd be extremely distracting in all the right ways. Dear Jesse, don't use Noah and Matty as your example, though! LOL.

    1. LOL. Hey, they're still together (by some small miracle). :D

    2. LOL! Well, I wasn't expecting them to break up. Just thinking they had a lot of unnecessary drama due to the whole not properly having a conversation thing. I'm guessing Jesse and Leigh will be better at that?

    3. Ha, yes! You could say that. :D I'm gutted I've got so much editing to do on tight deadlines, because Jesse will not shut up!

    4. Ooh, yep. I know how that feels.

  2. Haha, I totally get you, Jesse. I'm prone to drifting off. Drives my husband nuts(though I usually process what was said right after I go "huh".)

  3. Oh no! Sounds like a fairly integral part of the conversation to miss! I love the toe-wiggling, and how that leads to the distracted train of thought.

  4. Great snippet! I love how adorable Jesse is. He's so completely twitterpated isn't he?


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