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WIPpet numbers for 15th November, 2017:
15 lines of dialogue from Goth of Christmas Past

WIPpet Context:
I haven’t ditched Tabula Rasa, but I am taking a break from it to write for NaNoWriMo. Thus, I’m snipping from my very new (and rough) WIP Goth of Christmas Past, currently on target at 25,000 words.

The pictured cover is NOT the cover, which is finished, but I’m keeping it to myself for now. :)

I also have a draft blurb! :o
Black hair and band hoodies had a lot to answer for.

That day, eleven years ago, when Gothboy mooched into their business studies class for the very first time, Krissi had taken one look at him and thought, What a freak. He’s so cool!

Now in their mid-twenties, Krissi Johansson and Jay Meyer are successful businesspeople and still best friends. But while one of them is moving forward with their life, the other is sliding ever backwards…revisiting the past and wallowing in regret.
Worse still, it’s Christmas—happy joy joy everywhere! Yay. >.<

In this snippet, Jay has just informed Krissi that he’s organising a multi-band gig at his studio on Boxing Day (26th September). Stu and Hadyn both work at the studio.

* * * * *
[Krissi] “Are you sure you don’t want to ditch that idea to do, you know, Christmas?”

[Jay] “I don’t do, you know, Christmas.”

“What about Stu and Hadyn?”

“They don’t, either.”

“Did you ask them, Jay? Or did you just tell them they were working?”

“It’s not like it’s Christmas Day or anything, is it?”

“When are you going to set up?”

“Boxing Day.”

“You’re gonna set up the studio and sound check however many bands—well, about two, because, let’s face it, it’s Christmas—”

“Twelve,” Jay said.

“Oh, there’s a coincidence. Like the Twelve Days of Christmas!”

“We’ve been rehearsing a cover of that. It’s awesome.”

“Are you being intentionally ironic?”

“Why, yes, I am.” Jay tugged his hair back and twisted it into a tiny top knot. “Good look for me, no?”

Krissi sipped sharply at her coffee. It really was too early for this kind of test of her patience.
* * * * *
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Thanks for reading
Deb x


  1. Oh, dear lord, there is something wrong with me. I read "organizing" wrong the first TWO times and did a triple take. Ummmm. Sorry!

    Anyhow...I'm liking reading a bit of Krissi kind of apart from the older gang. I always looked at her from the "parent" end, but it's nice to see her differently. And I sooooo related to Jay. I do Christmas because I have kids, but I'd rather not. Bah, humbug. Think this story might change my mind? :)

    1. LOL! Maybe I shouldn't have placed it so closely to 'multi'? ;)

      Will this story change your mind? Probably not. :D

  2. Love the back and forth between them. this is a great snippet.

  3. "...too early for this kind of test of her patience." Ha! Love it! And, NaNo... I'm right there with you. Going to hit 50K tonight, but I started at 22K, so it really doesn't count.

    1. Thanks, Jeanne. Way to go on NaNo! I've kind of cheated a bit, as I'm retelling bits and pieces of existing stories (in places) but from different perspectives, which probably accounts for about 2k.

  4. Hello Debbie,
    Love this interaction between Krissi and Jay, and I am itching to read more about these two characters.
    "When Gothboy mooched into their business studies class"- that made me smile :)
    What a perfect novel to write just before Christmas time!

    1. Thanks, Sophia. It is quite fun to write it at this time of year, though I probably shouldn't be listening to Christmas music already. :)

  5. Haven't met these two, but they definitely eel as real as your other characters, Debbie. Love the interplay of motion and words you use to show Jay's real feelings here.

    1. Thanks, Eden. These two are side characters from other books, and I'm enjoying seeing the world through their eyes. :)


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