#WIPpet Wednesday - Reunions (with the Tierneys part 2) #amwriting

WIPpet numbers for 11th January, 2017:
11th January - 11+1=12 paragraphs from Reunions

Sean Tierney is one of the main characters from Hiding Behind The Couch, and first appears in Ruminations (Prequel #2).

WIPpet Context: This scene is from a few pages after last week’s WIPpet: Sean is in Derry with his son, Dylan. They’re spending Christmas with Sean’s mum and his older brother, Finn, who was in a serious car accident in his teens and has a long-term disability and (subsequent) painkiller addiction. Erin is Finn’s girlfriend, a nurse practitioner, whom Sean knew nothing about until she turned up with Finn for Christmas dinner. Finn has gone for a lie-down; Sean and Erin are finishing up from washing the dishes.

* * * * *
For as much as Sean hated what Finn had become, he tried not to hate him, to keep an open mind. Whenever he heard of a new pain treatment, Sean emailed the information to his old GP, who, as far as he knew, was still Finn’s GP. In a way, he supposed what he was doing—under the guise of a specialist sharing knowledge with his colleagues—was unethical, but it was nothing compared to what he suspected Finn and Erin were up to.

“What’s he taking these days? Still the oxycodone?”

Erin wiped the draining board down and wrung out the cloth before she turned his way with not a trace of the friendly warmth she had given off over dinner. “You’ll have to ask your brother.”

“Yes, of course.” Sean smiled and shrugged ‘silly me’, as if it hadn’t occurred to him that he was out of line. “Sorry. I…worry about him.”

“So do I.” Erin turned away from him again and hung the cloth over the tap. “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re really asking me, Sean. I’ve been a nurse for twenty-two years, eight of those in a drug treatment centre.”

“Look, Erin…if it sounded like an accusation—”

“Aye, it did.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Trust me, I would never abuse my position or risk my job. I care about your brother, enough to want to see him on the mend. You know better than I that he won’t get there through the bottom of a bottle. So next time you’re throwing your weight around, Doctor Tierney, think on. Right…tea…” She picked up the kettle, but Sean took it from her.

“I really am sorry, Erin.”

She looked him dead in the eye for several seconds before she nodded, he hoped, in acceptance of his apology.

“I’ll leave it in your capable hands, go see if the eejit’s up to being sociable again.” She moved towards the kitchen door but waited for Sean to finish filling the kettle and turn off the tap. “For the record, I’m worried about him, too, because he’s getting something from somewhere, but I promise you, it’s not from me.”

* * * * *
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  1. Oh, wow. Yeah, that's a really tough situation. Erin may not have liked it, but Sean wasn't wrong to feel her out on the issue, IMO. He did lack a bit of finesse and tact, though. He's lucky she only gave him a bit of a verbal slap.

    I'm so ready to read this. No pressure. :)

    1. *tugs hair, panics briefly, amps up caffeine intake* ;)

      That's an interesting observation about Sean's lack of tact. It's got me thinking.

  2. This can't be an easy situation for any of them. Great snippet.


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