Can't write #amwriting

The post title may seem a contradiction, but I've taken a break from The WAG and The Scoundrel to write this post, so...

Reflections in brief:
  • I've just hit 60k words, which is quite awesome.
  • I plan to write 75k words, but it's not set in stone.
  • That usually means somewhere around 100k words, but I don't think that will happen this time.
  • There again, I didn't think it would happen last time.
  • Some characters are chattier than I anticipated, which is nice. I think.
  • And there are too many of them (see below).
  • Word clouds are an excellent (if not distressing) way to see which words should not be in there as much as they are.
  • Trying to write to a genre is one of the greatest constrictions on my creativity.
  • I am no longer writing to a genre.
  • I don't care.
  • Mostly.
Look at all these characters!
Gray Fisher - ex DCI running the SIU. Now a PhD student and part-time lecturer / TV extra
Will Richards - ex investment banker, animal rights activist, vegetarian, surfer
Rob Simpson-Stone - PC / DC

Naomi Tanner - slim, tall, well-dressed, separated from Aaron Tanner
Aaron Tanner - slob in designer suits, director of Berringer’s bank - the techie
DCI Martina Hedley - Rob's previous boss, before he went to undercover
Chief Inspector Greg Petridis - Rob's uniform boss
DI Dom Hooper - new head of SIU
Josh Sandison-Morley (who?)

Thirdary (yeah, I made it up):

Zoë - Rob's ex-wife
Travis - Zoë's current BF
Lucas - Rob's 7yo son
Becky (Gray’s sister)
Will's mum
Gray's mum (possibly, if I don't kill her off first)

Other important people (human or otherwise):
Frederick (Freddie) Berringer
Carrie Duggan (the language specialist)
Hector Laird-Browne (Naomi's lover)
Will’s dogs and other animals
Jon, Micky and Tie - live on farm
Lord Berringer - Freddie's father

Aunt Cathy - Rob's aunty
Rob's mum
JJ - Rob's brother
Tanya - Rob's sister
Shammy - lives on the floor above Rob

And here is a Word Cloud in the shape of a star (not quite so random as it seems):
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The WAG and The Scoundrel is scheduled for an October release and is available for preorder on Beaten Track Publishing.

Thanks for reading,
Deb x


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