Checking Him Out For The Holidays - Free until January 1st 2017

I've extended the giveaway to the end of Hanukkah.

Here are the links and coupon codes:

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Beaten Track: (coupon: KV22Z)
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Freelance engineer Sol Brooks doesn't do the festive season. He thinks it's boring and overly sentimental. With the rest of the household laid up with 'the flu', Sol's planned on using the time to crack on with some work.

His mother, however, has other ideas.

And so does Sol's husband, Adam.

A stand-alone holiday special featuring Sol and Adam from Checking Him Out.

* * * * *

WARNING: this story contains sex acts between consenting male adults.

* * * * *

In this series:
Checking Him Out (book 1)
Checking Him Out For The Holidays
Hiding Out
Taking Him On (book 2 - Noah and Matty)
Checking In (book 3)


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