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WIPpet numbers for 1st February, 2017:
1+17=18 (short) paragraphs from Reunions

The current word count is…201,639. :o

WIPpet Context:
This is (I think) my first ever snippet featuring Dan and Adele. Dan is Andy’s younger brother (by one year), and Adele is Shaunna’s best friend. They are part of The Circle—the group of friends at the centre of the Hiding Behind The Couch books.
When I first started writing, I’d intended for Josh and Dan to be the two main characters, but they brought all their mates along, which is why the books are so long. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Dan and Adele get a lot less page time than the others, which is, perhaps, because they’re a very private couple. They’ve also been together on and off since they were in primary school, and they bicker. A lot. As you’ll see. :)

* * * * *
“Adele?” Dan slammed the drawer shut and opened another, established that one was also empty and gave the dresser a kick.

“Yes, sweetie?” She appeared in the bedroom doorway. She was wrapping a glass bowl in packing paper.

“Where the hell’s my electric razor?”

Adele’s eyes rolled from side to side as she visualised the boxes lined up in the living room. “This end, under the window.”

Dan grunted and followed her through to the living room. She continued onwards to the kitchen, leaving him to find his razor for himself. But first, he had to find the right box. “Adele?”


“There’re three boxes under the window. Which one?”

“You can read, can’t you?”

Dan bit back his retort and edged his way along the rows of heavily reinforced cardboard boxes, each one bearing a large white label designating the room in their new house for which it was destined. Given they were moving from a two-bedroom flat with a reception-living-dining room, bathroom and kitchen to a five-bedroom house with two en-suites, a separate bathroom, wetroom, living room, dining room, utility room, kitchen, conservatory and basement, the labels made about as much sense to him as knitting patterns.

Accordingly, the three boxes under the window were destined for three different locations: the master bedroom, the basement and…

“Grooming room? What the… Adele?

“Agh!” The garbled shriek was followed by a loud bang, and then Adele forcefully zigzagged her way through the box maze to reach him. “This one.” She bent to untape the lid of the box marked ‘grooming room’. “Why are you shaving now anyway? The removal lorry will be here in half an hour, I still need to pack up the rest of the kitchen, and your junk is still all over the table. I mean, it’s not as if you’re going anywhere, is it?”

“Unfortunately,” Dan muttered under his breath.

“Hm?” Adele had heard him perfectly, but Dan would not be drawn today. The house purchase had finalised two weeks ago, which was when Adele had decided she wanted to move before Christmas. Dan had laughed and told her there was no way, and she’d taken it as a challenge. Three days ’til Christmas, and they were packing up the flat.

“We can always hire a van tomorrow,” Dan suggested.


“For anything that’s not ready when the remov—”

Adele stood to her full five foot two and said with slow, threatening deliberation, “Everything is going today.” She tilted her head to one side, smiled—“OK, sweetie?”—and thrust his razor at him.
* * * * *
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Thanks for reading
Deb x


  1. Hahahahaha! Oh, boy. This exchange sounds a lot like people I know who shall remain nameless. I love this--I can see both sides here, and I'm not sure which one to be on. I can now imagine both of them saying, "Mine." LOL

    I will behave and not tell you to hurry up and finish it so I can get the whole story. ;)

    1. I quite like writing Dan and Adele these days - maybe I can bring them out of their shell a little more.

      I lost my notes on my first-half read-through when my Kindle packed up, so I've started again, and it's not looking as holey as I thought it was. Shouldn't be too long now... *crosses fingers*

    2. Ooh, yay! :D :D :D

      I sometimes forget in between how much I like many of the people who were, as you said, dragged into it along the way. *envious sigh* That's what I want to do...I want a world to just go visit when I want to write stuff. Much as I love writing about Cat et al., that feels...done. I gave everyone closure (even David, believe it or not). Might have to think about it with Trevor & company,though. I have a lot of other people in that world.

    3. I certainly won't be turning my nose up at more Trevor and company. Especially Andre, lol. I still really like Nate. And Izzy's (sp?) moms. And, and, and... Yes. There is an entire wonderful world there, which I thought about a great deal during Anthem. :) <- encouraging smile *whispers... do it do it do it*

      There is quite a bit more of Dan and Adele in Those Jeffries Boys - more Dan than Adele, given the focus, although she's the one I always sorely neglect. I planned to kill her in season one, but a certain glorious redhead wouldn't let me. ^_^

    4. LOL, yeah, I could definitely write more of Andre. :D

      I still have to read TJB *looks guilty* Was supposed to read it with Spouse, but he's doing his PhD program & is reading a lot of Plato. And Machiavelli (better him than me). But we'll get to it.

    5. Plato and Machiavelli? :o Wow! I'm stuck between awestruck and sympathetic. TJB will be like a kids' rag mag after that. No need for guilty looks, though. :) Still, when you get there, you might get to say a bonus 'Oh, Josh'! *dances carrot on string* And Shaunna's in it, so... Hehe.

      More Andre. *dreamy sigh*

    6. He almost minored in philosophy as an undergrad. I think his undergrad thesis was on the history of mathematics, but there was a strong undercurrent of philosophy. He's taking classes on history and theory of leadership, both of which required Machiavelli. I think Plato was for the theory class. Trust me, he'll be glad to read something more pleasant when he's through.

    7. The knowledge geek within wants to go and look at the intersection of mathematics and philosophy. Still awestruck.

    8. So, I realize I'm highly biased here, but I think his interest in combining the two made him an outstanding teacher. He never achieved the kinds of standardized test scores his colleagues did, but his students left his class mostly liking math and understanding it.

      There is some really weird stuff in math history, LOL. I'll have to ask him to remind me what happened in the story where some people threw a guy off a boat for mathematically disproving their philosophy. Something with Pythagoras, I think. Anyway, math and philosophy aren't dissimilar, especially once you get into non-Euclidian geometry and stuff. And no, I don't entirely get it, but I do have the benefit of over 20 years of hearing about it! LOL.

    9. "...his students left his class mostly liking math and understanding it" <- this is what matters (IMHO).

  2. I'm really getting to like these folks in your world....and I like what Adele can do with a razor, even if I am having flashbacks to packing up a home that was mostly filled with my Accomplice's belongings with a head cold when we left the Grand Canyon, because he "didn't want to live in a house filled with boxes." That was the first year we were married, and I don't think he'll ever repeat the error, because Adele's got nothing on me - I'm 5'9"!

    1. Thanks! That makes me very happy. :)

      5'9"! Golly. I think my sister is somewhere up there (I'm 5'4 and a half). Poor you, though - moving house is hard enough without being under the weather.

  3. Haha, oh I think I like Adele.

    1. :) Thanks, Fallon. These days, I like her too (luckily for her).

  4. Adele clearly knows how to handle herself. But... why do I get the feeling that Dan will have his way soon enough?

    1. I still can't decide if he got his way or she got hers...Hmm.


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