#WIPpet Wednesday - Reunions (Josh and Iris - On Its Own) #amwriting

WIPpet numbers for 15th February, 2017:
1+5 = 6 paragraphs from Reunions (Hiding Behind The Couch Season Seven)

The current word count is…225,922. Nearly there…

WIPpet Context:
It’s New Year's Eve. Josh has just dropped Libby (foster daughter) off at her friend’s place and is trying to figure out how to fill the time until George (husband) finishes work. Iris (in WIPpet) is George’s mum. Monty is Iris’s Westie.

* * * * *
As with all days where Josh was at a lonely loose end with a dozen or more thoughts vying for pole position, each driving decision came with the ‘or I could visit Iris’ option, which was not to say she was there only for when all else failed. One of their more salient points of commonality was valuing their solitude, and there was no guarantee she’d welcome the company just because he needed it. Nonetheless, at the next junction, he took his chances and turned right towards Campion House, rather than left towards home. She’d let him know if she didn’t want him there.

“I’m off to bingo in an hour,” she said the second he crossed the threshold.

“Oh.” He dithered to a halt in the middle of the sitting room and flumped like a rebuffed teenager.

She gathered together her smoking paraphernalia and slid open the balcony door. “Put kettle on if you’re stopping.” The balcony door slid shut with her on the outside.

Josh pondered: am I? He thought so, seeing as he was still there. Iris leaned closer to the window and scowled at him. He flashed her a smile; she pointed in the direction of the kitchen. He was stopping, therefore he’d ‘put kettle on’. He almost got away with it, too, until the dropped spoon clattered off the cupboard and onto the tiled floor, waking Monty with a start and alerting him to Josh’s presence.

There was a lot of noise, between the kettle coming to a boil, Monty’s grumbling growl and the murmur of the TV from the living room, and Josh wasn’t aware Iris was back inside until she shouted, “Pack it in, you.” He hoped she was talking to the dog.
* * * * *
What is WIPpet Wednesday?

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Thanks for reading
Deb x


  1. Seems like they have an interesting relationship.

  2. Hahaha! She's grown on me. :)

    I will totally keep Josh company. Although I think our reasons for it may differ (in ways I won't spoil for anyone else), I do relate to that first sentence. Sometimes there are just too many things buzzing in my head.

    1. She has her moments, does our Iris.

      And I'm sure you would! :D

  3. She reminds me of my grandmother. This is both good... and bad. But mostly good.

  4. Haha, that last line made me laugh. the dialogue in this scene gives a really good insight into these two charactesr and their relationship, and you've definitely shown rather than told.

    1. Glad you got a laugh from it. Thanks, Emily. :)


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