#WIPpet Wednesday - Reunions (Dan and Adele - The Moving Game Part 2) #amwriting

WIPpet numbers for 8th February, 2017:
2(month) 8(day) 8(1+7) = 288 words from Reunions (Hiding Behind The Couch Season Seven)

The current word count is…214,901. :|

WIPpet Context:
If last week’s was my first ever snippet featuring Dan and Adele, this is the second, and it follows directly from last Wednesday’s WIPpet. Dan and Adele are moving house.

* * * * *
“Fine. Whatever.” Dan took the razor and returned to the bedroom—“Oh, for f*ck’s sake”—where there was no longer a mirror, and stomped through to the bathroom. At least she couldn’t pack that room away, or not beyond the toiletries, which was why he was using his electric shaver.

Or not.

“Damn it.”

By some small wonder, he kept hold of it, returned to the living room and put it back in the box.

“That was quick,” Adele called through.

“Needs charging,” he said. He looked over the lines of boxes, shaking his head. “Where’s it all come from?”

Adele didn’t offer any reply, which meant most of it was hers.

“Right. I’ll pack up my ‘junk’, then.” He sidestepped between the boxes to reach the other end of the room and frowned. “You’ve done it.”

“I got sick of waiting.”

“But you said… Never mind. Where’s my laptop?”

“Do you need it today?” she asked.

Dan could think of a few reasons he might, any one of them enough to start a fight. “Right,” he said. “What do you want me to do?”


“Shall I put the kettle on?”

“Not at the moment.”

Dan rubbed his chin. The stubble was already itching enough to drive him crazy, if Adele didn’t get there first. “Is there anything left to do in the kitchen?”

“All in hand.”

“Shu’s room?”


“Great. Thanks for that.”

Adele bustled back to the kitchen. “Get your laptop out…if you must.”

The music in the kitchen suddenly got louder.

“Seeing as I’m surplus to requirements…” Dan eyed the boxes, on the lookout for one labelled ‘Dan’s junk’. His phone rang before he found it. “Aitch.”

“Alright, mate?”

“You ever played sokoban?”
* * * * *
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Deb x


  1. Dan's just not having much luck when it comes to shaving, is he? Great snippet.

  2. Hahaha! Poor Dan. I have a feeling I'd be more like him in this situation. And now I'm wondering what possible reasons for using his laptop might lead to fighting.

    1. Even looking at it whilst it's closed would probably be enough with Adele, or certainly in this situation. :D

  3. She's in a mood, and so is he, and neither of them seem even slightly able to see the way they're contributing to this...I can't imagine the phone call is going to help in the least!

    1. They are both terribly moody. That phone call is likely one of those things that comes back to bite Dan on the butt later. :)

  4. I love that ending line. That said, I think Adele is being a bit brutal and pushy too. (Of course, I tend to be the one in David's place... until I'm ready to move, I procrastinate. Then as the right time comes, I'm wild fire.)

    A story on this end (my husband is more like Adele)... Once he was sick of waiting for me to pack away some of my stuff that was on the kitchen table, so he tossed everything into a box and set it in my bedroom (which was completely unfair of him since I was called away for a week on a family emergency). When I got home, a bag of fresh peaches and oranges had rotted and leaked over everything, through the box and into the floor boards...

    I'm with David here. SO VERY much with David here.

    1. Oh my word! I bet that caused one heck of a fallout.

  5. Aw man, I am totally Adele in these situations! Some great tension between them here (and in last week's snippet, which I just quickly went and caught up on).

  6. I confess I had to look up what sokoban was. And then I immediately felt silly for forgetting what it was, because it was one of my favorite games to play as a kid. That and minecraft.

    I don't blame him for being more than a little frustrated right now. Whenever we move, we leave the basic toiletries (toothbrushes, toilet paper, etc) for the very last. But then he should have thought of shaving earlier rather than waiting until the last minute to do it, shouldn't he?

    I also am curious about why the laptop would upset Adele so much.

    1. I used to play sokoban a lot. I'm often tempted to start again, but it's far too addictive.

      So, yes, Dan should've shaved earlier, although I fear the shaving and the laptop are just arsenal in the eternal quibbling between them.

    2. I'll have to catch up with your WIPpet from last week tomorrow, as I can't find it. :(


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