#WIPpet Wednesday - Reunions (Josh and Sean - An Ordinary Saturday) #amwriting

WIPpet numbers for 22nd February, 2017:
17 (year) - 2 (month) = 15 paragraphs from Reunions (Hiding Behind The Couch Season Seven)

It’s done! I think. :D It’s with Andrea - my friend/editor/critic/beta-reader and all-round good egg (I borrowed that phrase from her, but it fits so well). She’s freelance, and you can find her at expresseditingsolutions.co.uk.

The final word count is 237k, or thereabouts, but I’m waiting on feedback on the ending, because…well, I can’t say. Nige read it, and his feedback was very useful (grumble, grumble)… Just kidding. It was useful, and he enjoyed it/felt lost once he’d finished it, which is a good thing. He’s a very honest alpha reader (methinks he also likes that title, seeing as he self-ascribed it today).

So, anyway, this is probably my very last snippet from Reunions, which is sad, but it’s a relief, too. I was starting to think I’d never finish it.

WIPpet Context:
This is from Episode Six (Reunions is divided into six episodes, so this is quite near the end). Josh and Sean are colleagues, friends, rivals and adversaries. They taunt, joust and love each other dearly (you can read more about how they became friends in Ruminations - a stand-alone prequel). Josh has gone round to Sean’s place to talk shop, and Sean has noticed Josh is distracted. The first line is Sean’s.

* * * * *
“I’ve got to say, I expected you to come with armfuls of paper—mindmaps, bullet-pointed lists…”

“There’s this new fad, haven’t you heard?”

“Oh? What’s that, then?”

“It’s called technology.”

Sean loitered in the doorway whilst he waited for the coffee to drip through. “I didn’t think you trusted it to care for your precious things.”

“It’s not technology I don’t trust, so much as technology in the wrong hands.” Josh retrieved his laptop and started it up, typing in his password at the prompt. “I’ve encrypted all my documents, of course, but it doesn’t take a genius to decrypt them.”

“I think you’ll find it does,” Sean argued.

“I couldn’t do it.”

“I rest my case.” Sean made a quick getaway to deal with the coffee.

“Deductive fallacy,” was all he got out of Josh when he returned and handed over a cup of the rich, steamy brew, immediately followed by, “OK. First item on the agenda…”

“Before that, how about you telling me what’s on your mind.”

Josh frowned at his screen. “Apart from taking you through my paperwork, there’s nothing on my mind. What makes you think there is?”

“No ‘thanks for never singling me out for my immeasurably vast intelligence’. Not even ‘thanks for the coffee’…”

“Thanks for the coffee, Sean.” Josh raised his mug in a parody of a toast and drank heartily.

“God, I almost fell for your sincerity there.”
* * * * *
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Thanks for reading
Deb x


  1. Love the back and forth between them.

    1. Thanks, Fallon. These two are always fun to write. :)

  2. Love the banter! friend/adversaries are some of the best sort of characters.

    Congrats on finally finishing!


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