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WIPpet numbers for 21st June, 2017:
It's my wedding anniversary! 18 years! :o

20 x 6 + 21 + 17 = 158 words
from To Be Sure

Sorry for any other WIPpet posts I missed last week. I was very late visiting and had to go a-hunting.

WIPpet Context:
Another snippet from To Be Sure, which continues directly from previous snippets. This is from the first chapter of my story for ‘SAGA’ (title TBC): an anthology of stories featuring older LGBT+ characters (out later this year, from Beaten Track Publishing). And I also have a cover!

The main character of To Be Sure is Saorla (seer-la) Tierney, a seventy-one-year-old (I miscounted, as usual) woman from Derry in the North of Ireland. For readers of the Hiding Behind The Couch series, she’s Sean’s mum. Finn is Sean’s older brother. In last week’s snippet, Saorla had just got off the phone with Sean, and she’s waiting for Finn to arrive home.

* * * * *
To be fair, Finn was trying, and Sean was being the difficult one for a change. Not that much of a change, now she thought on; since Finn’s accident, the two of them had constantly been at loggerheads, and a lot of it was Sean feeling he had to stand up to his big brother whether Finn was in the wrong or not.

She didn’t have a favourite. Mothers should love their children equally; she’d always believed that. They thought otherwise, of course, and sometimes it was hard to treat them the same when Finn needed so much more, on a practical level, at least. Truth be told, they were as bad as each other, and after so long resisting the urge to bang their heads together, she didn’t hold out much hope of the two of them ever becoming pals, but if they could make it through the baptism without a set-to, that would be grand.
* * * * *
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  1. Oh, my...what a time to be the mother!

    I don't have a favorite between my children, now almost 13 and 16. I also don't treat them the same way. Why would I - they are distinctly different people. What is just right for my 6'3", laid-back and safety-conscious son isn't at all right for my up-to-my-nose, high-spirited, daring daughter.

    Saorla might do better by herself if she absolved herself of trying to treat her sons the same, despite their clearly having different needs.

    And happy anniversary! <3

    1. Thanks! :)

      Saorla does worry about stuff that she really shouldn't.

      My two say to me, "You claim you treat us the same!" And I say, "No, I treat you equally." I thought they might grow out of it, but they're 24 and 22, so there's not much hope, eh? :D

  2. Hahahahaha! Oh, man. Yep, I know that feeling. My two have such different needs, and each is sure that they're being shoved aside for the other. And talk about butting heads! Summer vacation starts Friday, which means the two of them...and me...every day...for over two months (minus the weeks they're at camp).

    Since I'm "in the know" about Sean and Finn, I completely understand this. I like them both (even though I kind of think Saorla's right and they're both a bit of a pain). It would be good for them if they could find a way to be patient with each other.

    1. I lost my reply (Google account frenzy again).

      Good luck for the summer vacation.

      I think my two are worse when they're friends than when they're not, because they ignore each other then.

      As for Sean and Finn...maybe they can step up? We'll see!

  3. I really like this - it's so true. When two (or more) kids have different demands and you have to find different ways of interacting with each of them, but you can't control how they interpret all of that. I'm hoping that the christening does go smoothly, for Saorla's sake as well as their own.

    1. Thanks, Emily. :) I think all kids interpret it as 'not fair on me'.

  4. Love the older protagonist. And mothers, we try so hard to love our children equally, and we do, but they're all different and have different requirements. BTW, the pennilessmom handle is an old one, but Google won't let me change it regardless of what I do, so I deal with it.

    1. Google...tsk. How annoying! And yes, who'd be a mother, eh?

  5. Sean was being the difficult one for a change. Not that much of a change, now she thought on - Oh, I love this!!

    My kids are on summer vacation now. Within the first day, they were at each other's throats. *groan*. And they're only 6 & 9. Considering my sisters are in their 30s and still at each other's throats constantly(I was the one in the corner reading & avoiding confrontation), I don't see this getting better. :)

    1. Is it mean of me to say that I'm glad it's not just our family that's like that?


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