Monday Moan #amwriting ...sort of

Sheet Weaver (Money) Spider's Web
It's not really going to be a moan, but I liked the alliteration, and I am starting off with a grumble.

Seriously, who gets bitten by a spider in England? Me, apparently, so said the nurse at the Minor Injuries unit in our local hospital. I'm on the mend, with the help of antihistamines and, subsequently, more sleep than I've had in months.

I didn't see what got me, but there are only a few bitey spiders in the UK, one of which is a tiny thing we call the money spider, also called the sheet weaver spider (the photo shows why). There's an old wives' tale in the UK that if a money spider runs across your palm, you'll come into money, but the little buggers stick with you. They'll abseil on a strand of web, which you think you've successfully attached to something else only to find you're still carrying a miniature passenger.

*Image credit: Sheet Weaver (Money) Spider's WebWatchduck (aka Tilman Piesk)

For the above reasons (bite+drowsiness), this is a very short post—an update on what I'm working on and where you can find me online.

What I'm Working On:

Waiting In The Wings:
  • No Filter (Hiding Out #2)
  • Precious (HBTC novella)
  • Checking Him Out At Home (CHO #3.1)
  • Spread Your Wings (sequel to Champagne)

Might Never See The Light Of Day:
  • Meredith's Dagger: written for NaNoWriMo in 2011; this is a historical/contemporary novel with supernatural elements. Alas, I dislike one of the main characters so intensely I barely get three chapters into reworking this before I give up.
  • The Pastor's Last Drop: historical supernatural thriller-ish novel that is proving impossible to write (read on Wattpad).
  • Love's Folly: an abandoned attempt at Mills & Boon style romance. I made a cover for it, so I guess I ought to finish it at some point.

Where To Find Me:

Website: • •



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I'm also on Instagram, LinkedIn and Tumblr, but less frequently.

Thanks for reading. :)
Deb x


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