Monday musings...a whole load of waffle

Honestly, this is a lot of waffle. You'd be as well to go and read something else.

I've half-written two blog posts today—it being Monday and all (my nominated blogging day). One was a rant, the other was stream of consciousness.

I guess, ultimately, I have nothing much to say. However, I read an article about Facebook algorithms yesterday, which told me nothing I didn't already know, but it did serve as a timely reminder that as an author, keeping on top of my online presence on other platforms is important. So, a waffle post it is. :D

Facebook claim they are tightening up on posts that are little more than click bait and—allegedly—prioritising more of the family/friends type posts. The action they're taking is—they claim—in response to user feedback. Short version: people are sick of all the ads. And yet I'd lay good money on the outcome being more sponsored posts at the expense of family/friends updates and posts from pages/groups we enjoy.

In other news, my spider bite is slowly going away. Today I can lean on my arm without wanting to throw up, so that's progress. Here's what it looked like the day after I was bitten, and how it looks today (12 days later):

As for the posts I half-wrote…

Rant: I wish people would stop slashing my favourite characters. I mean, sure, if you must, go and do it on whatever fanfic site you favour, but I don't want it shoved in my face. Specifically, Jesus/Hitler was so absurd it was funny; Dean/Castiel is ridiculous; Dean/Sam appals me; Harvey/Mike, nuh-uh. Of course, if we had more LGBT+ heroes on our TVs, you probably wouldn't be tempted to do this, and no, I don't think Supernatural is queer-baiting. There is some in Suits, but it ain't Harvey and Mike.

Stream of Consciousness: Isn't it awesome how we know what our animals are telling us? Nature/nurture, evolution, selective breeding, why dogs and cats not sheep and goats? etc.

Both posts were  long, and the former was contentious to say the least. I may yet say more about why I dislike slash fiction so intensely, but for now I'll just settle for having written it out of my system without getting into too much hot water.

Of course, I could've blogged about what I've been studying (social construction theory) or how my writing is going (quite well! 77k of Goth of Christmas Past under my belt, about four chapters to go!), but I didn't.

Anyway, I'm done, apparently. Now I must tend my wet cat, who is between me and my keyboard, like seau:

Thanks for reading (it was worth it, yes?) ;)
Deb x


  1. Okay, I was joking yesterday with everyone about the superpowers from the bite, but it looks like the kind of thing a radioactive spider would deliver. *shudder*

    Sigh...I'm so terrible at social media in general. I mean, I knew all that about algorithms, but it's not like it's motivated me to change. Ah, well.

    As for the pets...there's a Bible story about a man who had a pet sheep he treated like a son. But then his wealthy neighbor ate it. (It's the story the prophet Nathan tells David as a metaphor for David basically raping Bathsheba and having her husband killed so he could marry her. Delightful, no?)

    1. :o Note to self: don't get a pet sheep.

      Social media is...too hard. I can't keep track of all the different places *and* do other stuff as well. Like sleep or write, for instance.

      I feel tremendously guilty today - I left a spider struggling to get out of the sink. :(


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