Reunions - Launch Week Day Two

So, yesterday (Sunday), I started my Reunions launch week really well by totally forgetting to run my giveaways while I was on Beaten Track Radio. That's typical of is blaming Nige, and it was his fault. Honest. ;)

Thank you to all of you who tuned in and listened on Sunday. I had a lot of fun, and your questions were awesome!

Now, the whole point of these launch week shenanigans is to let people know about the release of Reunions, because I do have a few series readers, but it's been a couple of years since Season Six (Two By Two) was released, and I want to make sure everyone who's interested gets to know about it.

If you are new to Hiding Behind The Couch you probably don't want to start with Reunions. Although I do re-introduce the characters in each of the main books (the 'Seasons'), there will be lots of spoilers relating to events that have happened previously. The good news is that you can download the first prequel (Beginnings) and Season One (Hiding Behind The Couch) for free. It's an ongoing series, so there's no rush to catch up. :) The free downloads can be found here: - you can also download Beginnings for free on Amazon.

What about those giveaways? I hear you ask (or not, but you know what I mean).

Up for grabs:
- an advanced ebook copy of Reunions - just reply to this post if you're up for it.
- a custom, one-of-a-kind Hiding Behind The Couch t-shirt - if you fancy that, comment 't-shirt'. We'll talk size later. The design will be a 'witty quip' from the series (or something along those lines). We have a wonderful local company that will make t-shirts with any print and in any quantity. So far, Nige has bought me four as presents, which leads to some interesting conversations - I think that's probably the point, except it goes something like this:

Person: #PDJ?
Deb: Yeah. It's a character in my series. I killed them. It stands for 'Poor Dead J...'
Person: Oh. *polite nod*

Person: Who's Josh?
Deb: *peers down at t-shirt which reads 'What Would Josh Do?'* He's the main character in my series. It's called Hiding Behind The Couch.
Person: So, what, he's a superhero or something?
Deb: No, he's a psychologist.
Person: Oh. *polite nod*

Person: Do you like horses?
Deb: *sighs and curses Nige for buying a t-shirt printed with SAY IT, DO IT, HORSE IT. Meanwhile, Nige is laughing and thinking it's hilarious* Nope. It's a game I made up in my series. It's called the Love Hearts Game.
Person: The series is called the Love Hearts Game?
Deb: No, that's Hiding Behind The Cou...oh, never mind. Yes, I like horses.

Person: Are they a big company, then, Jeffries and Associates?
Deb: In their world, yes. It's a fictional logistics company in my series, Hi—
Person: Logistics, eh? That's some serious adventure. *walks off, chuckling*

Just kidding. They amuse my chiropractor anyway. (That's Don Palmer at

I think that's all for this post, apart from the purchase links...

Thanks for reading,
Deb x


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