#WIPpet Wednesday - The Making Of Us (Inside every fat person...) #amwriting

WIPpet numbers for 19th April, 2017:
(even though it’s now the 20th—I was a bit tied up with Reunions launch stuff yesterday and didn’t get around to posting)

19+4=23 sentences from The Making Of Us (Checking Him Out Book Four)

WIPpet Context:
Another snippet from The Making Of Us. You can read the others here.

The Making Of Us is the fourth book in the Checking Him Out series, but it’s a stand-alone story about friendship, love and romance—LGBTQIA, with the emphasis on the B, Q and I.

The main characters are Jesse and Leigh, who first appeared in Taking Him On (Book Two), which is Noah and Matty’s story.

The Making Of Us is first-person, told from Jesse’s perspective.

In this snippet, Jesse is taking Leigh to meet his mum for the first time.

* * * * *
“Anyway, she knows you’re queer and that you use they/them pronouns. Hopefully, she’ll get it right, but it’s my fault if she doesn’t.”

“You always do.”

“But I told her about you the first time I saw you in the pizza restaurant and I thought you were a girl. I did explain.”

“I don’t mind if she gets it wrong. It’s when people assume or ignore what I’ve told them. They do it at the clinic.”

“Really? That’s just wrong. It’s like…” I stopped talking. This wasn’t about me.

“Like what?” Leigh prompted.

“I was going to make a comparison to the way doctors assume I have a choice about being fat, but it’s not the same. I could lose weight if I tried hard enough.”

“Could you?”

“Yeah. I just need to think like a thin person.”

“Exactly,” Leigh said. “And all I’ve got to do is think like a girl.”

“But you can’t, because you’re not.”

“And neither are you.”
* * * * *
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  1. Ah, Leigh. I love them.

    "Think like a thin person." *silent scream* And what, exactly, does a thin person "think like"? I'm glad Leigh is gently correcting Jesse on this. <3

    1. Yep. Mental re-programming. (Leigh's helping me too. :))

  2. Ah, I love this and how Leigh gets through to him(or attempts to, at least).

    1. I think Leigh might be winning! :)

  3. Think like a 'thin person'..... I'm with Amy on that screaming. Does that mean not thinking about caloric intake or constantly thinking about caloric intake... or about regular trips to the gym or...?

    Hooray for Leigh's common sense approach!


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