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WIPpet numbers for 12th April, 2017:

12 paragraphs from The Making Of Us (Checking Him Out Book Four)

WIPpet Context:
Another snippet from The Making Of Us. You can read the others here.

The Making Of Us is the fourth book in the Checking Him Out series, but it’s a stand-alone story about friendship, love and romance—LGBTQIA, with the emphasis on the B, Q and I.

The main characters are Jesse and Leigh, who first appeared in Taking Him On (Book Two), which is Noah and Matty’s story.

The Making Of Us is first-person, told from Jesse’s perspective.

Jesse and Noah are English literature undergraduates; they have a presentation to do…

* * * * *
The day of the presentation came. I’d put forward all my best arguments for why Noah should do the talking, but he was having none of it.

“Who’s up first?” our Discourse Analysis lecturer asked. A hand shot up somewhere in front of us, and the lecturer beckoned the brave volunteers to the front of the theatre. It was an OK presentation. Even if it hadn’t been, I was all admiration for the way they’d just got up there and done it, and I joined in heartily with the applause at the end.

“Who’s next?”

More students volunteered, and on it went. There were some serious show-offs in our class who used videos and jokes, but as I listened, I realised it was to cover how little they knew, and as our time neared, I started to think…maybe…maybe I could do this.

The applause rumbled to an end after the penultimate presentation, and the lecturer scanned the theatre, gaze homing in on Noah and me. “Saving the best till last?”

Ah, man. No pressure, then?

Noah started to rise from his seat and held out his hand.

“What?” I asked.

“Give me your notes.”

I shook my head—“We’ll do it together”—and followed him, edging sideways along the row of seats.

“Fickle,” Noah muttered over his shoulder on our way down to the front. I was too nervous to think of a witty comeback.

While we loaded our presentation onto the computer, we agreed to take a slide each. Then I read the title slide. Post-Modern Discourse and Context. What the hell did that mean? Did we really put this together? What was I even doing here? I knew nothing!
* * * * *
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  1. Hahahahahaha!!!!! Every presentation I've ever given. I really hated doing those, especially group projects. I am not a people person. Jesse's lucky he got to work with Noah--I was never in a group of my own choosing.

    1. We were allowed to present with our friends at uni, but not in school, and my friends were mostly quite loud, so I got away with being the researcher a lot of the time. :)

  2. I would gladly have handed the entire thing off to Noah. I have no problem working on presentations, but please don't make me give one!! Poor Jesse!!

    1. Yep, same here! I'd have left Noah to it.

  3. Ah, Jesse. I'm totally there with you. I could know everything about the subject, and I'd be so nervous I'd still sound like I knew nothing.

  4. That last paragraph... Oh, poor Jesse! What's funny is I can imagine he wrote most of the info related to that beginning slide and now it's just 'gone' because he's caught in the moment. Even if he didn't... it's such a very real moment.

  5. This is too real! Group presentations can be the worst! I still don't quite know what post-modernism is, after a three year art history degree.


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