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So…I had a different post planned for Bi Visibility Day, but you know what? There’s been a distinct shortage of bi women (or just ‘not men’, really) in most of the stuff I’ve seen, including my own posts—I’ll hold my hands up to that. Therefore, I’m rounding off the week with Charlie (aka Charlotte Davenport) from the Hiding Behind The Couch series.

But first…A.M. Leibowitz (author/reviewer/blogger/BiCast presenter and more) has compiled an excellent (and ongoing) list of bi authors, bloggers, books and resources, which you can find here: They also wrote some awesome #BiWeek flash fiction (and it includes non-male characters, yay!). You can (and definitely should) read it on their blog (five stories in all), plus there's a giveaway.

And you can still buy my bi books at half-price/enter a giveaway here: (last day today).

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Charlie Davenport

In yesterday’s post about Kris Johansson, I included Kris’s ‘CV’, and people liked it / found it useful, so I’ve put together similar CVs for the rest ‘The Circle’ (the main characters in HBTC) as well as the ‘extended circle’ (the circle on the right).

I’ll be posting those CVs over the coming weeks.

Here’s Charlie to…get the ball rolling. :D
Name: Charlotte (Charlie) Davenport
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown, straight
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 10-11 stone
Build: athletic
Tattoos/Piercings: Both ears x 1
Education: University of Birmingham – BA (hons) Marketing and Journalism.
Accent: Northwest English.
Languages: English

Quickfire Questions:
Place of Birth: Northwest England
Siblings: Six – oldest to youngest: Ellie (Eleanor), Ben, (I go here), Luke, Tilly (Matilda), Teddy (Edward), Pete.
Children: None.
Places lived: Northwest England; Midlands, England; Brisbane, Australia.
Jobs: Semi-pro footballer, football coach, marketing/PR manager, business manager.
Interests: Surfing, footy, family.
Pets: None.
Greatest Success: Getting on the England squad.
Worst thing you’ve ever done to someone: Slapped my mum.
Biggest Trauma: None.
Do you have a secret: Not anymore. ;)
Favourite Book: It’s one of my mum’s Catherine Cookson novels. I don’t talk about it.
Favourite Food: Anything spicy.
Favourite Drink: Water.
Strength: Competitive.
Weakness: Too laid back.
Best way to spend a weekend: Footy.
Closest Friends: My teammates.
Love of your life: Footy.

And some Charlie snippets!

In The Stars Part I: Capricorn–Gemini

(Setting: Eleanor’s house, with Josh, Andy and Dan)

“Ah, yes, that’s right. How was Brisbane?” Josh asked.

“Hot. Busy. Expensive. No jobs there, either, not that I went with the intention of looking.”

“You’d consider emigrating?”

“Possibly. To be honest, it’s not much different from any other big city.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Andy contended. “It’s very clean.”

“True. And the people are more polite than in most.”

Andy nodded in agreement. “I was in London a few months back.”

“Tell me about it!” Charlotte groaned. “How rude?”

“I hear ya.”

Josh and Dan looked at each other.

“So yeah,” Charlotte continued, “as cities go, Brisbane’s OK, but it’s the coast that keeps on luring me back. The surfing’s superb.”

“Oh, yeah,” Andy said dreamily. “Incredible beaches.”

“Yeah. Gotta be seen to be believed,” Charlotte agreed, a wistful look settling on her face.

“I’d love to go again,” Andy said.

“Did you get down to Snapper Rocks at all?” she asked.

“Did I ever! I like Duranbah way better. Not as many tourists.”

“True. Or autograph hunters. I loved Cudgen Reef, though I didn’t go out.”

“Oh, I’d forgotten about Cudgen Reef! I met this great guy there—”

Josh and Dan edged towards the door.

“—who was going right down the coast…”

They stepped outside and left the surfers to their paradise.


Those Jeffries Boys

(This is a bit of a spoiler, but not much.)

Slowly, keeping her proximity, Charlie turned around and looked up at him. “It’s mutual,” she said. “The attraction.”

“But…I thought you were seeing someone.”

“You mean Megan?”

Mike nodded, although she could have provided any name at all, it wouldn’t have mattered. His point was…well, his point was clearly way off base. “You’re not a lesbian?”

Charlie’s eyebrows rose and her eyes widened in annoyance. “No, I’m not,” she said coolly. “I’m bisexual. I thought Andy or someone might’ve told you.”

“Sorry. I didn’t know.” Her statement had thrown him a little because he’d figured part of the reason she didn’t scare him was that there was no possibility of them ever being more than friends. Now he was waiting for the panic to set in and kill his arousal, except it didn’t, and he wasn’t sure what else to say. I don’t want a relationship sounded like the brush-off, and right now, the very last thing he wanted to do was give her the brush-off.

“You need to make the first move, Mike.”

His racing pulse filled his ears, and his stomach churned. “I don’t know if I can.”

Charlie offered him a smile of reassurance. “That’s fine. We don’t need to do anything.”

“But I really want to.” He swallowed, trying to lubricate his mouth, dry from heavy breathing. “Would you be upset if I told you it’s only sex?”

Charlie laughed. “Whatever. We’re mates already, and we’re both single, so why not?”



(Setting: Boxing Day—the family are gathered at Ben’s house. Ben, Teddy and Pete are Charlie’s brothers; Kohl is their nephew and one of the mentioned twins.)

Teddy grinned. “Mind if I join you? Ben and Jo have just got back and they’re talking about Monopoly.”

“Oh, God. Come on, quick, before they notice we’re not there.”

Teddy squished into the chair with Charlie.

A moment later, Pete came in and mouthed ‘I’ve got a date’ at Charlie. She gave him a thumbs up. Pete took up position next to Kohl.

Ben appeared in the doorway. “We’re playing Monopoly. Are you in?”

Charlie glanced over. “Nah, you carry on.”

Ben nodded and went back the way he’d come. “The kids are all watching a movie,” he explained loudly for the benefit of whoever was in the kitchen. Pete growled.

“One of these days…” Teddy threatened.

Charlie laughed and slung her arm around his shoulder. “You know what you’ve gotta do, don’t you?”

“What? Get married? No chance. I’m done with women.”

“Never say never, Ted.”

“Hm. What about you? Any romance on the horizon.”

“Nope. But Pete’s got a date.”

“No way! Have you?”

“Excuse me?” Pete objected from the sofa. “Why is that so hard to believe?”

“Well, you’re all…churchified.”


“And… Oh, wait. Is it with Norman?”

Charlie burst into laughter.

“Shhhhh!” the twins hissed in unison.

“Sorry,” Charlie whispered. “That’s what I said.”

“What’s his name?” Teddy asked.


“Don’t know him.”

“He’s new.”

Teddy nodded and watched the movie for a couple of minutes. “What’s he look like?” he asked Charlie.

“He’s all right.”

Across the room, Pete growled to let them know he could hear them.

“Has he got a sister?” Teddy whispered.

Pete got up. “I’m going to play Monopoly,” he said, pausing at the door to add, “with the grown-ups.”


Thanks for reading!
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