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WIPpet numbers for 27th September, 2017:

2017 / 9 - 27 = 197 (rounded to a whole number) words
from Tabula Rasa

WIPpet Context:
Another snippet from Tabula Rasa (Gray Fisher #2).

This novel follows on from The WAG and The Scoundrel, featuring two former undercover police officers, Gray Fisher and Rob Simpson-Stone. Their investigations relate to white-collar crimes (fraud, embezzlement, etc.), and there are also romantic relationship story arcs (however, not between Gray—who is gay, and Rob—who is straight).

The snippet is from Gray’s point of view: he’s on his way to Will’s house, via the woods, when he meets up with Will and his dogs. Kenny is a dog who uses wheels to get around.

(P.S. I’m really sorry I didn't get over to everyone’s blogs last Wednesday. The time got away from me. I’ll do better.)

* * * * *
Gray winced as Kenny hit a raised root and flipped upside down, wheels spinning in the air. Without a second thought, Gray dashed to his aid and got no thanks at all from the dog, who raced off as soon as he was upright. Gray supposed that was thanks enough.

“Remember when that used to freak you out?” Will murmured, his chin heavy on Gray’s shoulder.

He smiled at the reminder. At the start, everything Kenny did freaked Gray out—the shuffling around the house and thadumping down the stairs with his back legs dragging behind him, capsizing in the woods, falling into the canal—even his hydrotherapy sessions in a doggy lifejacket with a therapist standing next to him gave Gray palpitations. And while he was caught up in all that worry for nothing, that big old dog had thadumped his way right into Gray’s heart.

“We’ve made good progress, haven’t we?” he said.

“For a dog who doesn’t like people, and a people who doesn’t like dogs, I’d call it outstanding progress.”

“Outstanding…” Gray sidestepped, laughing when Will jolted forward at the sudden loss of chin rest. He caught Will’s hand and they moved on.
* * * * *
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Deb x


  1. Blargh, my first comment got eaten when I tried to post. Google's being weird today.

    I do love these two together. Not in a "ooh, that's hot" way but in how natural they are together. There's such an easy tenderness between them. Everything about this scene feels so right.

    1. Ah...I thought it was just me. Maybe Google's been on the birthday beers? :D

      It's strange - I didn't expect Gray and Will to be like this, although looking back to the end of WAG, I guess the foundation was there. *shrugs* Anyway, I'm pleased you love them together. :)

    2. Gray's still so reserved, but there are these little moments when he lets go just a bit. Maybe this isn't how it's intended, but I read a lot more into the "We've made good progress" comment than just the dogs. (And if I did read into it too much, well, then I guess it's some good writing that I got something extra out of it.)

  2. that big old dog had thadumped his way right into Gray’s heart. <---- Awww. :D This is great.

    1. Thanks, Fallon. :) I think Kenny might be stealing the show!

  3. Love this snippet. I think I would like a dog like Kenny - reading about him made me smile :)
    “For a dog who doesn’t like people, and a people who doesn’t like dogs, I’d call it outstanding progress.” <- Love this line :)


    1. Thanks, Sophie. :) I had a dog on wheels - she wasn't quite Kenny, but the upending was something she did often, and she really didn't care!

  4. Awww! This is really sweet. I like how natural the dialogue feels. And as a person who loves cats and dogs but lacks the necessary responsibility to really own one, I love scenes like this.

    1. 'Lacks the necessary responsiblity', LOL. I feel like that a lot of the time and I have two dogs and a cat - Am I feeding them right? Should I take him/her to the vet? Are they getting enough exercise? And so on...

      Thanks for reading and commenting - glad you loved it. :)


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