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WIPpet numbers for 27th December, 2017:
12 x 27 = 324 words from Goth of Christmas Past

WIPpet Context:
I’m still snipping Goth of Christmas Past, and I decided, seeing as ’tis the season, I’d reveal the real cover. The artwork is by Emma Pickering and it’s so perfectly Krissi and Jay. I could hardly believe it when Emma showed me what she’d come up with.

The novel won’t be out until next Christmas, but I’m getting quite a bit of it written now. I also successfully persuaded Nige to alpha-read the first 11k to make sure the structure works. He says so! Plus, he bought me a Goth of Christmas Past t-shirt (black with black print) for Christmas. Cheers, dude. :D

This snippet is the continuation from last week’s snippet. Krissi has decided she wants to find out who her biological father is, and she’s started asking questions of her mum and stepdad (Kris).

It’s a long-ish excerpt, but it seemed a good place to move on from, as I’ll probably focus on Jay (the other MC) next time, which will be in 2018, so I’m sending you all love and best wishes for a prosperous New Year.

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Here’s the cover:

Goth of Christmas Past cover

And here’s this week’s WIPpet:
[Kris] “…She knows it’s important to you, but you’re asking her some really difficult personal questions.”

[Krissi] “I’m sorry. I didn’t realise.”

“It’s OK,” Kris comforted. “You weren’t to know.”

“I wish she’d be honest with me.”

“About what happened?”

“Not even that. She could just say she doesn’t want to tell me.”

“It’s not that she doesn’t want to.”

“She can’t. Seriously, how can she have no memory of it? Like, how drunk was she?”

“Very,” Kris said. He seemed incredibly interested in his tea all of a sudden, and she should’ve taken it as a cue to stop probing, but he’d invited her to sit and talk.

“So she doesn’t even know if it was her boyfriend or a one-night stand, or…?”

Kris shook his head. “She didn’t have a boyfriend at the time.”

“I don’t care if it was someone really horrible.”

“I don’t think it was. She thinks…we think it happened at a party. We were all really drunk.”

“No way. You don’t even drink glögg on Lucia.”

“OK, I wasn’t, but everyone else was.”

“Who was at the party?” Krissi asked.

“Well, I couldn’t give you a comprehensive list. It wasn’t my party.”

“Were any of them ugly?”

Kris laughed. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

“Yeah, but…were any of them mingers?”

“Were they what?” That wasn’t a request for a definition.

“Forget it. So…I was a total accident. A drunk accident.”

“Well, you weren’t planned.”

“Duh, obviously. Who plans to have a baby when they’re still in school?” She hadn’t meant it to come out like that, and now she felt bad, especially as Kris was watching her and trying not to show he was annoyed, except his fingers lightly drummed on his cup—a dead giveaway. He’d always been the stricter parent but he rarely raised his voice, and in return, she tried not to give him reason. “Sorry,” she said again. This time, he didn’t tell her it was OK.

“Krissi…” He sighed deeply. “I’ll tell you what I know, and then it’s up to you.”

* * * * *

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  1. She is being just a little terrible here, LOL. I understand, though. But...for heaven's sake, stop making me like Kris. I was happier when he annoyed me! ;)

    Love the cover.

    1. ROFL! She is being terrible. The funny thing is, I realised when I started writing this story that the only Kris readers have seen so far is who he is after everything went...a bit pear-shaped. The way Krissi is behaving, she'll be taking his place in the '100 Ways To Kill Kris' saga. ;)

  2. Love the back and forth here.

  3. This is some good dialogue... and the things we say to each other when we think no one else is listening can be absolutely horrible... or totally funny if taken out of context.


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