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WIPpet numbers for 20th December, 2017:
12 paragraphs from Goth of Christmas Past

WIPpet Context:
I’m still snipping Goth of Christmas Past. The pictured cover is NOT the cover, which is finished, but I’m keeping it to myself for now. This novel won’t be out until next Christmas, but it’s fun writing it at this time of year. :)

Apologies to my fellow WIPpeteers for not getting around to you all last week. Work, urgh. Sorry.

This snippet coincides with events in the first season of Hiding Behind The Couch (which you can download for free: http://hidingbehindthecouch.com/?n1=where_to_buy#free). This conversation occurs a few days after the one in last week’s snippet.

* * * * *
“What do you think about DNA tests?”

Kris squeezed the teabag against the side of the cup and lifted it out. “What do I think?”

“Yeah. If I could narrow it down to a few suspects…”

“Too much CSI, is what I think.”

She tutted but didn’t dispute it, seeing as that was where she’d got the idea. “What you gonna do? Ban me from watching it?” She grinned. Kris gave her a look—she couldn’t tell if it was doleful or disbelieving, maybe a bit of both—as he shuffled her sideways to reach the bin. “Anyway, it’d only work if I had a list of suspects to start with. I just…”

He wasn’t looking at her—in fact, he was avoiding eye contact and he never did that—but he was still listening, so she rambled on. The DNA tests were craziness, completely over the top, but what else could she do if her mum genuinely had no idea who he was?

“It would’ve been nice to get it out of the way before my twenty-first—not, like, because I want him to be there in some kind of big father-daughter reunion. That’s soooo…Disney.” She couldn’t get a clear picture in her head of what he might look like, but even so, the mental image of running into the arms of some old man she didn’t know made her feel a bit icky.

“Come and sit,” Kris said, already pulling out a chair. He patted the back rest expectantly. Their cups of tea were already on the table. She complied with his request and sat down, pulling her drink closer and nursing it, waiting to hear what he had to say.

“You won’t like me telling you this, but looking for your dad is upsetting your mum.”

Krissi frowned, confused. “She was OK yesterday. We talked about loads of stuff…well, not about that, because…” Because every time Krissi had brought it up, her mum had changed the subject. “Why didn’t she say something?”

“She won’t. She knows it’s important to you, but you’re asking her some really difficult personal questions.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realise.”

* * * * *

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  1. I love how these two interact. :)

  2. I can totally see how Krissi's excitement could blur her ability to recognize her mom's discomfort. Good thing Kris is the "dad" he is...

  3. This is such a delicate issue. I understand where Krissi is coming from, but I also love how well Kris is handling it.

  4. Hard questions indeed. Glad there's a voice of reason in the situation.


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