Audiobooks coming soon: The Great Village Bun Fight; Of The Bauble

Today, I've been playing around with different video editing programmes, both on and offline, and in the process made a trailer for the audiobook of Of The Bauble even though we (the narrator and I) are still finalising the recordings.

So I won't be sharing that trailer just yet.


I figured it was time to announce the audiobooks. :)

The Great Village Bun Fight is somewhere between ACX's file storage system and the retailers, so it should appear on Audible, Amazon and iTunes with the next couple of weeks.

Of The Bauble (as mentioned) is undergoing a few final tweaks before we submit it to ACX for approval.

My narrator for both books is Jack Hardman, who describes his accent as "[not] so northern that it is difficult to understand, but is common enough sounding that it isn't alienating to people outside of the London area."

I'm inclined to agree, which is why he is the perfect narrator for both stories.

I'll post again when the audiobooks are available. In the meantime, you can get the ebook/paperback editions to both by clicking on the titles above.

Once these are out, I'll have three audiobooks available, the other one being When Skies Have Fallen, narrated by Tim Hilborne (again, perfect for the story).

Download/purchase links can be found on the Beaten Track Publishing listing for each title.

Thanks for reading (and listening),
Deb x


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