#WIPpet Wednesday - Alumni: Discretion

Two WIPpet Wednesdays in a row, woohoo! I'm on a roll and snippeting from Alumni again.

Brief story info:
Alumni is Season Eight of Hiding Behind The Couch, and obviously has some elements of the characters coming face-to-face with old acquaintances from university and the like (readers of the series might recognise a name or two in the snippet).

This follows from last week's snippet; Genie has called on Xander—a long-term friend who purportedly sees ghosts—to get to the bottom of strange goings-on in her home.

WIPpet maths for 12th September:
12 paragraphs for the 12th.

And the WIPpet Snippet:
“You will keep it to yourself, won’t you?”

Xander marched across the room and stopped a few feet from her location. No eye contact. She remembered now. He’d been just the same when they were children.

“His Lordship doesn’t speak to anyone,” Jonathan assured her on Xander’s behalf.

“But you do,” she pointed out.

“I am contractually obliged to keep His Lordship’s confidence.”

“I won’t tell anyone about your…poltergeist.” Xander smiled grimly and took another step towards them. “Excuse me. Please.”

“Sorry.” Genie moved aside, and Xander marched past, out of the room and along the hallway to the top of the stairs. Jonathan raised his eyebrows at Genie and strode after Xander. Genie had to jog to catch them up. “Where are you going?”

“To fetch the equipment.”


“Meters, cameras…” Xander reached the front door and waited for someone to open it.

“Hang on!” Breathless from the chase, Genie slid past and stood between him and the door with her arms outstretched. Xander startled and took a step back. “Take the car around to the side of the house,” she instructed Jonathan.

He bowed his head. “As you wish, Your Ladyship.”

* * * * *

What is WIPpet Wednesday?
WIPpet Wednesday is a blog hop where authors share from their current works in progress - expertly organised/hosted by Emily Wrayburn - and the excerpt has to relate to the date in some way. For links to other fabulous authors' WIPpets, visit: http://www.inlinkz.com/wpview.php?id=355404

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  1. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Well, this could certainly get interesting. :)

  3. Heh, I really can't wait to see what Xander does. I'm not sure if the picture in my head is quite right, but it's definitely entertaining.

  4. All right, I'm so curious it's killing me.


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